Anil Sinaci

Deputy Coordinator of the SALUS Project

SRDC Software Research, Development and Consultancy, Turkey

Anil is a software engineer and holds a PhD in Computer Engineering; his research areas include eHealth and eBusiness Infrastructures, Clinical Research Informatics, Data Interoperability, Semantic Web, Service Oriented Architectures, Interoperability Standards, and Conformance and Interoperability Testing. He has actively worked for many European Commission supported research projects. He authored many papers published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. He is currently working as a project manager and senior researcher at SRDC Ltd.

Presentation Title
SALUS: Enabling the Secondary Use of EHRs for Post Market Safety Studies

Presentation Description / Abstract
Due to the limited size and duration of clinical trials, drugs may still have serious side effects after they are marketed. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) can clearly complement and strengthen the existing post market safety studies. SALUS develops an interoperability framework and a set of safety analysis tools in order to (i) enable real time screening of multiple, distributed, heterogeneous EHR systems for early detection of adverse event signals; (ii) facilitate wide scale outcome and effectiveness research to be able to observe selected cohorts of patients over an extended period of time, for long term safety issues.