Brendan Delaney

Chair in Primary Care Research

King's College, London, UK

Brendan Delaney has 20 years experience as a primary care clinical Researcher, with a particular interest in the development and Evaluation of technological approaches to safe, efficient and high Quality medical care. He is practicing Family Physician and leads the 'Medical Decision Making and Informatics Research Group at King's. He is also a member of the Farr Informatics Network in the UK and works with colleagues in the USA (Michigan,Mayo,Vanderbit and Stanford)on promoting the concept of 'The Learning Health System'.

Presentation Title
TRANSFoRm: the Learning Health System in Europe

Presentation Description / Abstract
A Learning Health System (LHS) may start with capture of clinical data for research from electronic health record Systems (EHRs), progressing to the use of Standards (CDISC, IHE) for data capture in conjunction with EHR Systems. The TRANSFoRm core information models for research, clinical data and provenance also drive interoperability at the system level. TRANSFoRm is based around three use cases illustrating the potential for the LHS. A genotype-phenotype study in Type 2 Diabetes, a randomised controlled Trial of Proton Pump Inhibitor use with recruitment and data capture embedded in the EHR, and a diagnostic decision Support System.