Dipak Kalra, @DipakKalra


The EuroRec Institute, Belgium

Dipak Kalra, plays a leading international role in research and development of EHR architectures and standards, including approaches to harmonise clinical meaning and protect privacy. Dipak leads the Managing Entity (EuroRec) for EHR4CR. EuroRec is also a partner in EMIF on the development of a European clinical research platform federating multiple population health and cohort studies. Dipak leads an EU Network of Excellence on semantic interoperability. Dipak is Clinical Professor of Health Informatics at University College London.

Presentation Title
The European Institute for Innovation Through Health Data

Presentation Description / Abstract
The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data is one of the key sustainable entities arising from the EHR4CR and SemanticHealthNet projects, in collaboration with several other European projects. It is being established as a trusted not-for-profit organisation. Its mission is to coordinate, and accelerate the efficient development and deployment of interoperable health ICT solutions and clinical research strategies. In its first year it will focus on securing the trust of the public and patients in the re-use of health data for research and promote best practices in interoperability asset development and information governance.